The Chrono watch has typically been a man’s watch in the past due to its size and features, but I’m here to show you that the 43mm Chrono One is as much a fashion timepiece for women as it is for men. The larger dimensions will definitely make for a bold statement and will be sure to turn heads. So go ahead, and show the world you are not afraid to stand out!

Big watch designs are in right now. The bolder face and thicker band offers a nice way to balance out more feminine pieces such as an engagement ring.

Men don’t usually wear women’s watches but women are more democratic in their watch tastes.


Let’s start with the Silver-Black + Black Leather

Simple, understated, and not too flashy.
Silver Black Chrono with Black Leather


The sleek All Black + Steel

If the bold steel link strap is too edgy for you, you could match the All Black watch with a leather or silicone strap instead. Dress it up with silver or rose-gold metallic bracelets.
All Black Watch with black Steel Link Strap


The sophisticated Rose-Gold + Brown Leather.

A slightly oversized look for a daring effect, paired with the cachet of prestige and a vintage touch.
Rose-Gold Watch with Brown Leather


The Silver-White + Steel or with a brown leather strap.

It’s all about feeling ladylike, but with that added flair of edginess and attitude.

Silver-White Watch


Last, but not least… The Silver-Black + Steel.

This is an overtly masculine watch, so a woman who wears it is making a strong statement. And we love it!

Silver-Black watch with silver steel link strap


More than ever before, we are seeing women wearing larger, typically male watches, and you know what? …it works and looks great! Please share your favorite watch with us.