Both Seb and I have had the experience of starting a new business in the past, which was mostly as solopreneurs, but this time around we decided to finally team up and join each of our own specialized skill sets to work together on this new business adventure. For the first 3 months, we primarily worked on the pre-launch strategy and the actual product design, along with prototyping the final product.

In preparation of the pre-launch initiatives, we both worked hard to get the product to our likings, and the website up to par. What you probably don’t know, is that it wasn’t just the two of us. We also worked very closely with two of our consultants, who have helped us tremendously throughout the process, while keeping the enthusiasm for the company up and going.

These two consultants that I speak of seemed happy to remain in the background, while kindly pitching in when we needed advice or an extra pair of hands. But Seb and I were beginning to have a hard time keeping up with our initial roadmap planning – I mean, the to-do list was growing exponentially and things started to slip, which then caused a few delays. This is when we realized that we needed other official team players to help us fulfill all of our goals for The Mont Royal Watch Co.

So we approached our two consultants, who also happen to be our respective life partners, to join us and bring their expertise to the table.

We are very happy to introduce our two new co-founders:

Angie Arsenault and Chloé Comte

Chloé, an owner/blogger and product stylist at will lead our product commercialization and social media activities as director of commercialization. Chloé also just happened to be a jeweller for a well-established luxury jewelry store back in Paris (in a past life!). Check out Chloé’s profile at l’An Vert Du Decor, on Instagram, on Facebook and on Pinterest.

With Chloé’s product styling talent, you can be sure that our watches will be beautifully presented everywhere online.

As for Angie, an accomplished musician, composer, producer and vocal coach, it’s all about what you put in. As a firm believer in “do good and good will come”, she is a natural candidate to head our social responsibility initiatives and she was also the one who came up with our tag line “Time For Change”. Check Angie’s profile out at AngieMusicAngieArsenault and on LinkedIn.

Angie is currently working on finalizing our proposal for the social good organization that we will support as a business. Stay tuned for more details.

Chloé and Angie’s participation in the company has already been a huge help, allowing Seb and I to once again, put all of our attention on the pre-launch activities, getting the watches made and soon into your hands!