Since today’s moms are different from the moms of yesterday, we thought we’d write a little post on Mother’s Day in order to put them in the spotlight for the occasion.

We are not born a mom; we become one.

So these new moms, who are they?

From taking on the role of educator, nurse, pastry queen, DIY pro, femme fatale, fashionista or Wonder Women, today’s moms put a lot of pressure on themselves!

With all of the technologies available today, moms now have access to tons of information, and can live their motherhood with inexhaustible resources at their fingertips.

Staying connected online can help to lessen the feelings of loneliness which can sometimes accompany the new role of being a parent. Thanks to the Internet, exchanging experiences or questions with other moms around the world is easy! Organizing meetings with people who have the same values ​​and exchanging advice, support and equipment, is just as convenient.

The problem of having access to all this information (and this is the mother in me who speaks), is the pressure that we then put on ourselves to be perfect moms! I’m talking about the inner guilt that we feel when we are trying to be that “perfect mom” in order to give our children everything they need to become happy, balanced and fulfilled individuals.

What mom has not tried, with a brand new, few week old baby, to have a flawless home, balanced meals, a radiant appearance, and a beautiful, spotless baby that smells good, … and wears washable diapers?

Hey moms! I have great news for you: it is not our occasional mistake, or the fact that we have dark circles down to the chin and greasy hair, or the fact that our baby is not wearing the latest top fashion set that will forever ruin our child’s future or stop them from becoming the beautiful person you imagined!

Today’s moms are trying, as best they can, to trust their instincts. For baby not to cry forever in his cradle all alone in his room, we now use the carrier; he no longer plays all alone in his corner, mom participates in his games – which is also good for the baby’s development. In other words, we try to be more present and tend a listening ear to our children.

Fortunately for today’s moms, dads are much more present as well! With the sharing of household chores, everyone has more time to take care of the children: A real winning formula on every level!

Mainly, what I am trying to tell you moms, is that we are not Wonder Women … Sorry … I tried to be for a long time before understanding that we must know how to listen to ourselves so as not to get lost in certain stereotypes, and that it is important to make one’s own decisions, to have confidence in them and to defend them if necessary (even when facing pressure from one’s own family).

In the end, now that I really think about it, the mothers of today are not so different from the mothers of yesterday… All have the same commitment close to their heart: the well-being of their children. So, even if we have to consolidate career, activities, and the relationship with our partner or the responsibilities of being a single-parent family, it’s all about feeling comfortable in our choices in order to keep flourishing throughout our life.

On that note, moms, I wish you all to find your truths… and have a wonderful Mother’s Day! And since you deserve to be spoiled by your sweethearts, I have prepared a list to help them find the most beautiful gift ideas for Mother’s day, with a guide to match your personality as well! For your convenience, simply follow this link and then send it to him directly in order to get the message across. 😉

Ps: Happy Mother’s Day to my “imperfect” mother who, to me, is “perfect” the way she is!