Watches of today are not worn for the sole purpose of telling time, they add character and give that finishing touch to your complete look. Whether the look you are aiming for is one of effortless style and comfort or one that is elevated for the event of the year, we have the perfect list of classic and chrono watch choices that are sure to suit your needs (and wants!), while perfectly matching the aesthetics of your environment.


1. Black Tie

Time to step up your elegance game? May it be for your best friend’s wedding, that coveted banquet event, or the biggest date night of the year, the Classic Chic in Rose-Gold Black (with Steel Mesh bracelet) and the Chrono One in Rose-Gold (with Brown Croc leather bracelet) are two favorite choices to add a dazzle of sophistication and romance to your appeal.


2. The Boardroom

Dressing to impress while adding a nice boost in confidence asks for clean-cut lines and simple elegance. You want to make a statement, but without being too flashy. This is what makes our Chrono One watch in Silver White (with Black Croco leather bracelet) and our Classic Chic watch in Silver-Black (with Steel Mesh bracelet), two great choices to complement a dress code for the office.

3. The Weekend

Time for a break after a long week? How about a night out on the town starting at your favorite cocktail lounge, accompanied by one of these beauties: the Classic Chic watch in Coral (with white-leather bracelet), and the Chrono One watch in Silver-Black (with steel bracelet). No doubt, these timepieces will make for great conversation starters. Cheers to that!

4. Adventure

Gearing up for a refreshing activity in the great outdoors? Or perhaps you are on the hunt for a new sightseeing experience? No worries, you can be sure to meet every challenge in your adventurous life, and with style, thanks to these watch companions: the Chrono One All-Black (with silicone strap), or the Chrono One Silver-White (with brown leather strap). It’s time to take action! What are you waiting for? 😉

5. Casual Cool

Finally found some time to relax? Keep it chill with the Classic Chic Coral watch (with pink or brown leather bracelet). While metal is known to give a neutral look for easy matching and everyday wear, leather bracelets allow for a more comfortable attitude and style. Plus, these watches are equipped with a quick-release system which allows you to easily swap bracelets in order to match your outfit of the day! Casual, cool, …and simple. That’s what we love!


Although some timepieces may seem better matched for certain occasions more than others, this is simply a guide; suggestions for dressing up for the particular event or activity. Nothing says you can’t bend the “rules” now and then and wear your favorite watch whenever you feel like it! We certainly do. 😉


Classic and Chrono Watches


“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”
—Gianni Versace