So you’ve got a couple of watches and you’re frustrated that you are not able to match any of them with your outfit of the day? Unless your complete wardrobe is only composed of grey or black tees, you’ll find that the Mont Royal Watches watch straps with quick release system is quite handy!

Swapping out a watch strap for another gives you an entirely new watch in seconds. Got a black watch strap but you’re wearing a brown and blue outfit? No problem! Change the watch strap for a brown leather one and there it is, you can wear your watch without hiding it under a mismatched sleeve.

quick release watch strap

So how to pick the right strap?

What’s the best choice to complement your ensemble? Here are some useful tricks to choosing the right watch strap. Just remember: watch tastes are very personal. The following are basic rules so feel free to break them!

Overall Rule:

Match leather and metal items. For example, with a black belt and black shoes, you should have a black watch strap. If you are wearing silver jewelry, your watch case should be silver. Eventually, your strap and strap buckle should be silver too. Same rule applies to gold. Make sense? Pretty easy.

Here’s an example:

And same goes with brown leather or any other colours…

Now what about the watch materials and textures?


Leather Straps:

Both enduring and aesthetically pleasing, leather straps have a smooth and natural appearance and its natural finish means it will progressively take on new tones and highlights over time.

Interchangeable leather straps


Stainless Steel Strap:

Thicker on the wrist, it might feel heavy to wear at first but you’ll soon get used to it. Steel straps are extremely durable, and will most likely outlast your watch. They go well together with large face watches and can be worn for any occasion. In black or silver, it will effortlessly be as cool and stylish when paired with jeans and a t-shirt as it will with a suit.    

Stainless Steel Watch Straps


Steel Mesh Straps:

Milanese mesh watch straps were first created in Italy, where the design was first used in chainmail. Its unique texture is eye catching and provides a unique look to your wrist. Mesh straps are so dapper and adaptable that you can use them on modern or traditional watches to step up your wrist game.

Steel Mesh Straps


Rubber / Silicone Straps:

This is the go-to solution for diving or sports This strap will stay comfortable and is built to last. The stainless steel buckle holds up under heavy use, and the silicon stays flexible through thick and thin. You can easily match it with any casual or dressed down style.

Silicone Rubber Watch Straps


Watch Pin Remover Tool and Strap Link Remover Tool:

Please don’t start ripping your watch apart with a knife or a toothpick. Most of our watch straps are equipped with the super handy Quick Release System and for the steel link and silicon strap, we include a pin remover tool to easily change your strap.

Pin Remover Steel Link Strap ToolFor a few extra dollars, we will send you the link remover tool in order to adjust the length of your strap. You can also visit any watch / jewelry store and they will be able to adjust your strap. Some even do it for free in exchange of a nice smile.
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