New start-ups think they have to tell another inspiring and creative story around the origine of their products and how they’ve re-invented or disrupted an industry… to, in the end, sell you the same mass produced and not so inspiring watch as many others.

As you may have seen and understood during our successful Kickstarter campaign (funded in less than 48hr) we don’t want to play this game.

We are transparent, and since our early days we’ve been really clear about our approach.There’s no gimmick and we’re saying out loud what we stand for:


  • Our watches are beautiful

    • This our way of saying that we believe our watches are doing much more than telling time. They are telling people around you what you’re about. They are beautiful because they are like you: Bold and Uncompromising. We are not bragging about the watches, it is the watches that are bragging about you.
  • Genuine products made with quality in mind

    • All of our products are affordable, distinct, and maintenance-free. Our watches are not only half the price of those of equivalent quality, but they’re twice the quality of those in a similar price range.
  • Doing Good

    • Doing good business is important for us because we want to have a sustainable model, but doing good for people around us is just as important. We’re working with manufacturers around the world that are taking good care of their employees, and for every watch you buy, 10% is donated to causes we know will have a big impact in the world (read about our social initiatives)
We favour quality over cost and mass production. We’ve put in a year of efforts and research to make sure you are getting the most out of your money. Our objective is that you must be proud to wear the watch you bought not only because it suits you to a T, but also because you know that you’re helping to make a positive impact through our social good initiatives.


Our Most Popular Watches


So be beautiful, and be bold, because each time you are, you inspire others to become as well! Time for change has come!