Allow me to take a moment of your time, you, the one looking for THE gift idea to celebrate your dad or the father of your children on Father’s Day (which, in case you need reminding, will take place on June 17).

Since these gentlemen are often more difficult to spoil than us (don’t be afraid to admit that our wish list is often longer and more diverse than theirs), I decided to give you a helping hand by offering a selection of gifts that are sure to make a hit!

In order to find the ideal gift, I simply suggest that you identify the style that best describes your dad or your spouse in the list below. Once you have found the right match, simply look for the watch associated with it. Easy peasy, right?

So let’s go! Discover our selection of beautiful watches for dads!


1. Cool Dad

His daily attire rests upon a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers? His list of fashion accessories boils down to a wallet, hat or sunglasses? Fashion is not his first concern and he prefers comfort and ease over the latest trends? Whether it’s to go to work, to going out, or to play with his kids, our black-silver chronograph watch + black leather bracelet, with its black background and soft leather strap, will remain discreet on his wrist and keep up with his daily routine without him worrying about having to match it to his wardrobe.


2. Hipster dad

He is always on the lookout for the latest trends while aiming to stand out from the crowd with a style of his own? He likes to go out and spend time at the coolest of places? He is a city dweller and the thought of living in the suburbs is synonymous with the end of the world? In order to spoil your famous hipster dad, allow me to propose our classic watch in rose-gold black + steel mesh. This watch will undoubtedly stand out on his wrist with its ultra-trendy rose colour and black dial, creating an effective contrast that is sure to catch the eye.


3. Business man dad

The suit, in any given shade, suits him perfectly? He is a fan of wearing a tie and for him, jeans are only for weekends and holidays? He likes beautiful shoes and a classic trench to complete his look? The perfect watch to add that finishing touch, would undoubtedly be our rose-gold chronograph watch + brown crocodile bracelet. With its rosy hue and brown strap, this refined style will highlight any attire. In addition, thanks to the quick-change systems, it will be a breeze to offer other bracelet choices as gifts to complete his wardrobe.


4. Sporty Dad

He has sports in his blood? A day without moving is day that is imcomplete? Your dad, whether a marathon enthusiast, a runner or thrill seaker, is one who likes to move? Our black chronograph watch with silicone strap, will be a great companion and time him in all his sports activities and challenges. The performance of the chronograph combined with the softness of the silicone bracelet will be good allies for those who love to surpass themselves.


5. Handyman Dad

Always busy doing all kinds of work around the house? The garage and the renovation center are the places he visits most in the year? He is often the first to help out by offering a hand to fix the engine or repaint the house? This handman dad will need a resistant watch to satisfy his needs. Our silver white chronograph watch with steel bracelet fits this role perfectly. Its sapphire crystal resists scratches and its steel bracelet will be easy to clean.


6. Collector Dad

Whether it’s his collection of 45s, items found at the thrift store, or his Bauhaus designer furniture chosen with love; this collector dad loves beautiful things that tell a story. Our classic chic rose gold watch with its vintage brown strap will seduce him by its sleek and timeless look; a piece to add to his collection as its appearance will defy time with brilliance.


7. Traditional dad

The traditional dad is certainly the most difficult to spoil because of his cautious side. That said, we have a watch model for the dad who prefers certainty over trends and who likes all things classic for their ability to last over time: Our classic silver black watch with black leather strap. This watch will ensure a well anchored style that is discreet and always in good taste, no matter what he decides to wear.


I hope that with this nice selection of watches for dad, you will find the one he will truly appreciate. On that note, did you manage to make your choice?