Many watch manufacturers indicate whether a watch is part of a men’s watch collection or a women’s watch collection, but we decided to completely bypass this classification in order to avoid dividing our collections by gender.

Technically, this means that each one of our watches is considered unisex. We wanted to let you, our customer, decide what suits your style the best instead of attempting to make that choice for you. Yes, some of our variations may tend to be more feminine, such as the Classic Chic Coral + Pink Leather, and some more masculine, such as the Chrono One Rose-Gold + Black Croc, but overall, both series have been designed with both men and women in mind and have not been gendered.

Here are a few watches we find striking on both a man’s or a women’s wrist.


The Classic Chic Rose-Gold Black + Steel Mesh

Rose-Gold Steel Classic Watch


The Chrono One All Black + Leather

All black watch with black leather


The Classic Chic Silver + Steel Mesh

Classic Watch Silver Steel


The Chrono One Silver-White + Black Leather

Silver-White with black leather


The Classic Chic Coral + Brown Leather

Coral Brown Watch with brown leather


The Chrono One Silver-Black + Steel

Silver-Black with silver steel strap


The Classic Chic White + Brown Leather

Classic White Brown Watch


Two luxury watch series designed with both men and women in mind. Timepieces for those who seek a sophisticated and contemporary style, without breaking the bank.

Something we call Everyday Luxury.