Ok guys, mark it down in your calendars! No time to lose so circle in red May 13 to make sure you don’t forget to spoil your mother… or your wife.

Why? What is that day? A date that you are best not to forget (mom’s words): It’s Mother’s Day of course !!!

This year I am going to ease the tedious task of finding the ideal gift. Simply follow this guide, and I will help you choose a gift while keeping in mind the style most commonly worn by your mom, or the mother of your children. Spoiling that special lady has never been so simple,… no effort at all!

1. Relaxed mom

She wears mostly casual outfits to stay at home and even to go out? She likes what is simple and easy to wear? Whether it’s to go to work, to the park, the grocery store or a nice restaurant, I propose our Classic Chic White + Steel Mesh watch. With its sleek look, it will be easy to match all types of activities.

silver watch for mother's day


2. “Tom Boy” Mom

Does she steal your shirts and/or accessories? Are jeans undoubtedly her favorite piece of clothing? Even though she sometimes wears high heels, it’s her adventurous and “tomboy” side that stands out the most? If so, you can be certain that she will pull off our Chronograph watch in silver-white model + brown leather (be nice, wait a little before stealing it from her!).

chronograph watch for women


3. Romantic Mom

Feminine to the tips of her nails? She likes a softer touch, such as silk blouses and lace? If she likes “gold” jewelry and accessories, rose-gold will surely seduce her (plus, rose-gold is very trendy this year!). Our Classic Chic coral model + pink leather will definitely make her heart flutter.

Rose-gold watch for mother's day


4. Career Mom

She is no stranger to the balancing act of a work-family lifestyle? She has entrepreneurship in her blood and leads her various activities with ease and determination? Our Classic Chic watch Rose-Gold + steel mesh will be good company in keeping up with her busy pace.

Rose-gold watch for business woman


5. Rocker Mom

We all know that girls can rock too, so for the cool mom who loves styles that are a little more daring, while remaining classy, we have the perfect watch! Our All Black Chronograph Watch with steel strap. A watch with a lot of character that is sure to turn heads.

Black chronograph watch for woman


6. Vintage Chic Mom

Is she a fan of antiques and second-hand objects that have a story to tell? The mom with a vintage flair will melt for our minimalistic Classic Chic watch with its coral second hand and brown vintage leather, which has a look that will easily last throughout the changing seasons.

Vintage chic classic watch for woman


7. Fashion Mom

She is the most difficult mom to spoil as her look evolves so quickly, making her a hard one to follow… However, we have THE solution! All our Classic Chic watch models are equipped with bracelets that have a quick release system. With this clever invention, the fashion mom will be able to transform the look of her watch in just a few seconds in order to adapt it to her different looks by simply swapping the bracelet for another one!

Quick Release Watch Straps

Whether you’re early or late in your Mother’s Day gift selection this year, do you think you’ve found the perfect gift for your mom/darling?