You have been many to ask questions about the materials that are used for the Mont Royal watches. Questions such as: what’s the movement inside? Are they made of steel or aluminum? Are they water resistant? Can I choose another bracelet?… We decided to write this post in order to answer all of these questions and provide a go to spot for all related details.

First of all, when we set out to design our 2 debut watch collections, we wanted to produce a luxury watch made with premium materials, but without the high luxury prices. This was easier said than done, as we did not want to leave any detail to chance. After 3 iterations of sampling and prototyping, We’re happy to say, that we have arrived.

Ok, about the watches…

Mont Royal Watches first release is comprised of 2 collections: a chronograph watch series, and a classic watch series, both available in 4 different variations and with a variety of quality, interchangeable straps.

Watches for every occasion, designed in Montreal.

We are using the same materials used by many well-known brands:

  • Stainless steel casings
  • High-grade electro enhanced steel colour plating
  • Scratch resistant sapphire glass
  • Genuine leather and high-grade stainless steel straps


Bold sophistication at its best. A luxury watch crafted with top quality materials that will be certain to turn heads and garner compliments along the way. The Chrono One comes with a 5ATM water resistant 43mm casing (available in rose-gold, silver, or matte black), and an ultra scratch resistant domed sapphire glass, which covers a beautifully designed silver-white or charcoal face.

Design Specifications

Available in 4 different colour variations to match your style

Ok, but can a woman wear the big Chrono?
You bet she can… and rock it at that.


The Classic Chic

Designed with both women and men in mind, the Classic Chic is a perfect blend of sophistication, luxury, and simplicity; ready for any occasion. This series is also crafted with top quality materials such as a 5ATM water resistant 40mm casing (available in rose-gold or silver), and an ultra scratch resistant domed sapphire glass, which covers a sleekly designed silver-white or charcoal face.

Design Specifications
Also available in 4 different colour variations


Stainless Steel Casing

For the casing on both watches, we used a premium surgical grade 316L Stainless Steel, which is known for its strength and corrosion resistance. Aside from the steel, the cases are plated through a high-grade electro enhanced colour process in rose-gold, silver, and matte black for the chrono series.

Domed Sapphire Glass

The glass on all of our watches is made from Sapphire, which is a top of the line precious stone, known for its scratch and shatter resistance. Sapphire is next to diamond on the “Mohs” mineral hardness scale.


The Movement

Yes, we love hand wound and automatic movements, but there is something about the ease and efficiency of a good quartz watch; just set it and forget it. Quartz movements epitomize the function of watches as the primary purpose of their conception, was for keeping accurate time. Both watches are powered by the durable Citizen Miyota movement, which provides extremely accurate time keeping with only a -10/+20 secs in variation a month, compared to some automatics that can vary from -10/+20 secs a day. Plus, the Miyota movement requires virtually no maintenance other than a battery replacement every few years.


5ATM Water Resistance Rating

Both of our watches are rated at 5ATM or 50 meters water resistance. This way, you will never have to worry about water damage to your watch. Just don’t do any deep sea diving with it. 😛


Quick Release Straps

Each of our watches strap comes with a quick release spring bar pin, which makes it ease and simple to change the straps in order to fit your style of the day.

So there you have it. This pretty much sums up all the design aspects of our watches. If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.