You know that kind of morning when you get out of bed and hit your toe on the bed post, then you get to the kitchen and notice you forgot to buy coffee and only have your kids juice to go with your toasts. Then, you arrive at the office, only to realize that you forget your laptop at home. Yeah, pretty sure you know what I am talking about…

Well, last week felt somewhat like that for us. We had to iron out many details and planning issues which we didn’t think about earlier on: a product photo shoot that didn’t work as planned, a challenging website platform migration, longer sampling iterations, and so on. I guess it’s all part of the game, right?

That being said, as entrepreneurs, we must “keep on truckin'”, and learn from our mistakes and struggles. Looking back on all that we’ve achieved so far in this project, is already something to be proud of. Overall, we must say that things are turning out quite well. The watches look super slick, the quality is at the level we were aiming for, and the feedback we are receiving on the watches is very positive and encouraging.

We were hoping to move a bit faster, but hey… quality takes time and we’re 100% committed to delivering an awesome product.

Here’s where we’re at now:

  • We have been working very closely with our manufacturer in order to adjust a few design and molding details and go through a 3rd iteration of sampling for both watch models. After this round, the watches should be good to go.
  • We have decided on the watch strap selection for each model and variation, which was not as simple as we first thought as we want to be sure to have a broad enough selection to fit many styles and tastes.
  • Designed and integrated the new website, which includes photos of both watch models for the phase 2 of the pre-launch efforts.
  • Began to define the strategy for the social good aspect of the business, such as the social cause we want to support. The partner organization will be announced soon!

Regarding the launch, many of you have asked about when the watches will be available and while they’re coming soon, it is a bit too premature for us give an exact date as we are still working on finding the best pre-sale strategy approach.

Hopefully, this week will be smoother sailing for us.

PS: Wanna know what a DIY photo shoot at midnight in your living room looks like? Here’s a little behind the scene of a startup! 🙂