Graduation season is here, and you are looking to celebrate your favorite student… right? At Mont Royal Watches, we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift that they will love, but as we’ve done with gift ideas for Mother’s day, we will help guide you to find the perfect classic watch for that perfect day of celebration.

Parents, close friends and family members are all putting on their thinking hats in order to figure out what to get the beloved graduate they are soon to celebrate. Students all over have just completed one of the biggest milestones of their lives, and yes, it is well worth celebrating!

Of course, Love & Pride will always be the best gifts to offer a young graduate, but what I can also tell you, is that there’s nothing like a beautiful watch to offer as a gift to commemorate all the years of hard work, dedication towards their studies, and the beginning of a new stage in their lives. Forget the smart watches that will stop working after the first update, and go with a genuine classic timepiece for them to wear on their wrist as a reminder that day after day, you are on their side!


Selection of watches to offer for graduation

Selection of watches for graduation gift

Congratulations to all of this year’s graduates!

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